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    December 2nd, 2009

    It has been a while since my last up date, sorry.  My mum and my stepdad, Jukka came to London to see me last week for a long weekend, so I was busy spending time with them. My mum made some delicious karjalanpiirakka, Karelian pies that originate from the northeastern part of Finland.  And, Jukka did pretty much all of our DIY jobs in the house that we had not got around to do. We had a lovely time. Also, it was Stephanie’s (my lovely housemate) birthday last Thursday, so we went out to celebrate that too on the weekend.

    I have generally been feeling good.  I still get tired easily, and cannot do too much in one go.  I think, to an extent, I have been fooling myself a little, thinking the cancer is cured, the chemo is over, and I can go straight back to normal.  Sadly, that is not the case.

    Suzie and I went out dancing on Friday night.  It was so much fun, just like the old times.  I was so happy, thinking that this time around, I will not end up in the hospital after dancing!  Then, I had another quite late night on Sunday after Stephanie’s birthday lunch.  By Monday I felt awful, so exhausted that I had to go to bed at 7pm…  Tuesday was not much better, and in the evening I noticed that my chest is raised again, on the left side by the sternum.  Just like it was at the beginning when I was diagnosed with this cancer.

    I have no idea why the chest is raised.  It obviously worries me, and I have contacted the hospital, and I am going to see them tomorrow.  It is probably nothing, but the swelling is not normal.  Also, the chest feels tight.  Something is going on there.

    Steph & I on Sunday after the birthday lunch.

    Steph & I on Sunday after the birthday lunch.