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  • The Green Man festival, and welcome back Gorgonzola, prawns and pate!

    August 26th, 2010

    Sorry for my late blog update.  There has been very little to report.  I have been getting better, however very slowly.  So slowly that you can hardly notice it, unless you compare how I was when I first got out of the hospital.  I am still struck by how fatigued I feel al the time.  It is not due to my blood counts as they have been excellent: my latest haemoglobin was 12; white blood cells 4; platelets 147; and neutrophils 1.6.  As the neutrophils were so good, I can theoretically now eat pate, blue cheese and prawns! I have already had a bit of Gorgonzola and pate.  Yummy!

    My appetite is back to normal, and I enjoy most foods now.  I am just tired a lot, and feel weak.  It is annoying sometimes, as staying in, doing nothing can get utterly boring.

    I managed to go to a festival, the Green Man in Wales last weekend.  I decided it was too soon to camp, so Minna, Jukka, Daniel and I stayed in a gorgeous cottage, which was in the grounds of this beautiful, old mansion house.  It rained quite a bit, and the festival site was a bit muddy, which made it extra hard to trek in the mud in wellies for three days. My muscles are still recovering from that.  But, I managed the whole weekend, which gives me hope.  I have another festival planned for mid September, and the plan is to camp then.  I should be fine.

    I also want to go to Finland, but I have not managed to find a time slot for it.  I still need to go to blood tests regularly, and I am waiting to hear about my PET scan and bone marrow biopsy appointments, which should take place end of September.  Once all that is done, I can go!

    It rained a bit in Green Man. Here are Minna and I in our waterproof gear.

    This is the cottage where we stayed in Wales!

    Me standing in the grounds of the mansion house which is behind me.

    The front of the mansion house.

    Minna and I outside the mansion house, waiting for a taxi to take us to the festival site.

    The Green Man festival.

    Me in the festival. You can see the Welsh mountains in the background.

    My festival friends. From the left: Minna, Suzie, Ali, Shawn, Pat and Sam!

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