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  • My tooth is a ‘time bomb’.

    September 28th, 2010

    So last Friday the 24th after the hideous night of toothache, I called my hospital for advice. They were concerned and the plan in the end was for me to go and see my regular dentist for an X-ray, and for her NOT to touch my mouth. My blood counts were not good, I had very few white blood cells and the platelets were low too, which is not good for healing. In my experience, dentists have a tendency to poke the mouth with that sharp device and cause bleeding in the mouth.

    My dentist had a quick look at the X-ray and verdict was an infection in my tooth where I had had root canal treatment before. At the hospital they gave me some super duper strong antibiotics and booked me to see the Royal Marsden dentist on Tuesday.

    I had another X-ray of my mouth at my hospital before seeing the dentist today. I get so nervous when I have to sit on that dentist chair. I had a HUGE phobia of dentist and dental treatments as a child. I feel there is something utterly wrong and unpleasant about someone poking my mouth with tools, some of which make far too loud sounds for my liking. And, as an adult I have become to dislike dental treatments even more for their ridiculously high prices. I feel disgusted that I am forced to pay a lot of money for such an unpleasant experience. For instance, I think last summer I paid about £500 for this particular tooth that is causing me pain again. And, guess what? What a waste of money that was. This tooth is apparently a ‘time bomb’ and needs to come out as soon as possible, which in my case is this Friday. Before then, I need to inject the ‘boosters’ again to get my body to make more white blood cells and neutrophils, so that I will not get an infection after this tooth extraction. And, I thought my injection days were over…

    So £500 worth of tooth coming out this Friday. I am in mourning. After that I need to find money to replace the missing tooth with a false one… Maybe my family and relatives will donate some money towards a new tooth for my birthday/Christmas present…

    Anyhow, enough about the tooth. I had the PET scan yesterday! I bumped into Dr Matutes (my consultant) and into Lucy (my key nurse) briefly today, and Lucy said to call her on Thursday if I wanted to hear about the results before my clinic appointment on Monday. I said, I would like to. She said, “OK, if you’re sure?” I am sure.

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  1. All I want for Christmas is a new back tooth…

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