Piia Pauliina
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    June 4th, 2010

    The B&B lady, Pauline helped with my suitcase and drove me to the hospital this morning.  She is such a lovely lady!  She even said she would visit me once I was admitted for the transplant.

    My LTS line site is still painful, but apparently that is normal straight after the op.  The nursing staff at the out-patient clinic have gone through how to care for this line, clean it and flush it.  Next time it needs cleaning/flushing, I will be at the Penny Brohn and they are organising a district nurse to come and flush it for me.  I am thinking, maybe I could even do it myself?  I was given a pouch with a strap where I could keep the end bits of the line.  However, the end bits do not necessarily need to be covered.  I might just cover them with some gauge.

    I was given the Cyclophosphomide today, with some extra IV fluids (apparently this chemo can cause some problems in the kidneys, and I was advised to drink minimum 3 litres of water a day for the next few days).  It was a long day, 8.30am -5.00pm, just treatment!  The unit was practically empty, so I did not have to wait around, which was a bliss.  Even their chairs are more comfortable than the ones in Medical Day Unit in Chelsea!

    I am pleased everything is going according the plan so far.  I am trying to be careful not to get ill, so I am not taking any risks, as I do not want any delays now.

    Two more nights until Penny Brohn!  Yay!!