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  • Day +10 and my white blood cell count is 0.9!

    July 9th, 2010

    I have been trying to write my blog for a couple of days now, but have struggled with it, as I have been so drowsy from my medication.  I have started many times, but have fallen asleep.  Today is day +10, and I am feeling much better, so I am giving it a go, let’s see how far I get!

    My white blood cell count has been improving since the day + 8.  First it was 0.2; on day +9, 0.4; and today, 0.9!  My amazing bone marrow, and stem cells!  The mouth ulcers are improving, and I do not need extra pain killers on top of what I get through the pump.  Swallowing is pretty much pain free!

    My consultant, doctor Mark Ethell said this morning that if all goes well, I would be looking at going home on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.  I will try not to think about it too much as I do not want to be disappointed if I cannot go.  I wanted to mention it though, as it is exciting news!!

    It is exciting as I am getting quite fed up being here.  I mostly miss having some ‘me’ time, as there is no peace and quiet here, or privacy!  Everybody knows about my bodily functions or lack of them, and I know theirs!  I get a tiny bit of ‘free’ time per day if I am lucky.  This is also why it has been difficult to write my blog.  Furthermore, I have only managed to watch two films so far; I have loads to watch when I’ll get home.

    Talking of privacy, I just want to get this out of my chest.  The ward receptionist helped me to get a connection lead for the bay /hospital computer, so that I could use their faster internet connection via my MacBook.  Initially, she was quite reluctant to help me after she heard that I needed the faster connection for instance to Skype my family.  She said the hospital is not so happy about Skype as there is a risk for other patient’s privacy.  I was like, WHAT?!  I would not be showing other patients to my friends and family, and besides what about MY privacy when friends and family of the other patients in my bay are here.  They can hear everything what is said about me, and can see all my movements.  And some of them stare at me, which is highly uncomfortable.

    Luckily, the occupational therapist has been coming to see me.  She has given me two relaxation sessions using imagery and gentle body relaxation.  These sessions have been wonderful; I get to drift to another world, away from Sutton leaving me feeling calm, painfree and peaceful, at least for a little while.

    I also had a relaxing aromatherapy massage session today.  The therapist used lavender, cedarwood and orange oils mixed together, and massaged my bloated, painful tummy and back.  Just what I needed.

    I have nodded off to sleep, at least 10 times whilst typing this… I think, it is time I had a proper snooze.

    My tree of infusions on Thu eve (day +9). The white bag is my feed; the yellow bag is antibiotics; and the bottom one is a pump to pump potassium in me. And, I only have two lines in my LTS catheter! Hence, they had to insert an additional cannula in my left arm. There were so many wires attached to me!

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