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  • Acute renal failure

    April 30th, 2010

    So after the feverish night I had on Monday/Tuesday night things got a lot worse.  I was fine in the morning but after the lunch I began to feel ill again, and had to lie down.  Gradually, my breathing became more and more difficult, mostly on the right side of my lungs.  As I was lying there, wheezing and breathing rapidly, I started also to feel feverish.  My only thought was “I don’t want to go to Homerton hospital!”

    Sadly, in the end, I had no other choice than to call The Royal Marsden and tell them what was happening.  They said, I needed to call an ambulance straight away and go to my nearest hospital, which is the HOMERTON!  I tried to persuade the ambulance men to take me somewhere else, but they have their rules; I had to be taken to the nearest hospital.  At least when I got to the A&E, I was seen immediately by the doctors, and they were not so busy as it was Tuesday afternoon, not Friday evening like when I normally end up there.  And there was a really cute doctor on duty!  A bonus.

    So it is Friday evening and I am still here, at the Homerton hospital.  By the time I was in the A&E my temperature was over 38.5 degrees of Celsius even with paracetamol.  I had developed a chest infection with pleural effusion on the right side of my lungs.  However, that was NOT the big problem.  The biggest issue was my kidneys, and poor renal function, which was getting worse by day!  I was kind of shocked as I never expected there to be anything wrong with my renal function.  In my view I was going to the toilet like normal, I had no blood in my urine or difficulty in passing urine.  They have been given me intravenous fluids by gallons, which makes me run to the toilet hourly and pass a LOT of fluid.  I think my kidneys are trying to sort them selves out by getting rid of the excess creatine and urea, particles in the urine that should not be so high as they are in my case.

    I am worried about the next chemo as I don’t want to miss it.  I have spoken to my key nurse, Lucy, and she said that obviously everything depends on my renal function.  But, she has not cancelled my chemo.  There is some hope!

    What a shit week!  To make it worse, I had planned a lot of fun for this week , seeing friends and some good music.  Instead I am here, in this crazy ward, attached to IV fluids, keeping a track of records of how much fluid I take in (i.e drink) and how much I pass out.  The fascinating life of urine!  Oh the joy.

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