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  • 3B PMitCEBO done!

    April 26th, 2010

    My blood counts were excellent today, so the 3B PMitCEBO with the Rituximab went ahead today.  I now have loads of boosters in the fridge.  I would be amazed if I get neutropenic!  Hopefully, no more delayed treatments because of neutropenia.

    The antihistamine I get pre Retuximab completely knocked me out, and I slept the whole way through chemo today.  Good job Michael came to pick me up as I could hardly walk straight when I woke up.

    So the next one will be the 4th cycle PMitCEBO which could be the last cycle of this chemo.  Although, they did say I might have more of this treatment before the high dose chemo.  It all depends on the PET scan I will have after the 4B PMitCEBO.

    I still have my curly hair!!  I love it, and wish I would not lose it.  Sadly, I will, after/during the high dose chemo at the latest.  Oh well, it will grow back, again.

    Our Steph got keys to her new home she bought last Friday!  She will be moving out on the 8th May, which is when our new Dream House mate will move in.  Our new housemate is called, Lisa, and she is 32 years old, works as a lecturer at the Fashion Retail Academy, is keen on having a home, likes cooking, bit of gardening, watching films, nice dinners, and the best of all does not want a party house!  Both Suzie and I had a good feeling about her, and liked her very much.  Even though I am going to miss living with Steph terribly, I am looking forward to getting to know Lisa better.

    Thanks to the lovely, sunny weather we have been having lately, I have been able to enjoy our garden, which by the way is a sun trap!  Suzie and I bought two matching sun loungers which will become very handy.

    My head feels a bit hazy still, so I am going to go and rest now as I am finding writing a bit difficult…

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