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  • The gardening group at Maggie’s

    September 30th, 2009

    Again, I woke up feeling rough this morning, tired, run down, and weak.  I had booked myself into a gardening group at Maggie’s, and as I woke late, I was running very late.  Eventually, I made it to Maggie’s, and as always, started feeling better once I was there.  The gardening class was interesting, and therapeutic.  I know nothing about gardening, so everything Rosemary was teaching us was useful to me!  I learned about how to kill vine weevils using a biological ‘killer’, a non-chemical alternative.  We were also shown how to propagate pelargoniums.   We basically took cuttings out of the ‘mother’ plant, and replanted them with the idea we will make more of these peppermint-scented plants!  I have a pot with four potential pelargoniums at home; hopefully at least one of them will make it into a big plant.

    Afterwards, I had to travel to the hospital to pick up more anti-sickness medication that the medical team forgot prescribe to me on Monday.  By the time I got home, it was 5pm, and I was exhausted.  I am so sick of feeling this weak!  I have a moderately active day, and I end up feeling ill with a sore throat.  I do hope that I will not get horribly ill, and end up in a hospital.  I want to go out this Friday for Ali’s birthday drinks and for a little boogie.  It has been too long since I last danced!  I love dancing…

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  1. Gardening any seasoning and herbs is very therapeutic. Helps to focus on something completely else and some green on the kitchen is always nice 🙂
    On the side-effects – I do have a problem with small bananaflies (?) which have domesticated my plants….

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