Piia Pauliina
  • Cancer worries

    May 26th, 2009

    I keep getting night sweats, and night pains in my upper left side thoracic area, left of the left scapula (shoulder blade)…  hmmm… slightly worrying.  Thoracic pain, night pain, night sweats, and loss of weight (yes, I seem to have lost quite a bit of weight) are all possible signs and symptoms of C A N C E R.   Surely, it can’t be.  I’m probably over paranoid.  The lumps in my neck are still there though, and I have been on the Google…  And the Google says I could have cancer, lymphoma!  Or, I am just simply over exhausted, and run down.  Still, I should see a doctor…  First I need to register with a doctor, as I have just moved!

    On the positive note, I have a job!!  I’ll be working in community paediatrics in Redbridge, which is about 30 minute drive from my new home.  The rates are excellent and I will have a car!!  So exciting.  Everything seems to be going so well.  Let’s hope I will feel better by next week when I start the job.  The swollen glands are still there, but I have no fever.  That’s a bonus!

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