Piia Pauliina
  • Day +13, and the painful spleen.

    July 12th, 2010

    It is day +13.  My blood cell counts have been improving every day.  Today’s white blood cell count was 3.4; haemoglobin 9.8; platelets 27; and neutrophils 2.83!

    Theoretically, I could go home, as the blood counts are good and the mouth ulcers practically gone.  However, I developed this stabbing pain around the left kidney area last Tuesday (day +6) evening.  They did an ultrasound scan, which showed the kidney was fine, however there was water around my spleen.  Apparently, the Peg Filgrastim booster on day +1 can cause problems in the spleen.  This is not serious and will resolve itself in time.  The main thing is pain management.  This spleen pain has been pretty bad, but I think it is slowly improving.

    I saw the doctors, including Dr Ethell this afternoon, and I think they want to keep me here a little longer because of the spleen (the original idea was to send me home Tuesday, or Wednesday the latest). In the mean time, they are organising everything to be ready for my discharge.  I try not to think about the discharge date too much, but I would love to be home for the weekend!

    I am still finding reading and writing difficult due to my drowsiness, so this is all I can manage tonight.

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